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Kidsorted helps you find the perfect holiday camp

When we think of the summer holidays, we think of long, warm and carefree days for our children. But for parents, they can also bring the added stress of finding activities and childcare. Google searches, recommendations from friends, word of mouth at the school gate — finding and booking the right holiday camps is no easy task. Luckily, KIDSORTED lists over 5,000 kids activities from more than 2,000 businesses. It’s all about using technology to make the discovery and booking of kids’ activities easy. Two London mums, Anshu Goel and Julia Brucher, founded KIDSORTED in 2014. With backgrounds in technology and e-commerce, they made sure that KIDSORTED is not just another listing site, but is instead a powerful search and booking engine. Parents can search by postcode, age of child and interests, and then book online on one easy-to-use site. Anshu Goel explains, “We pioneer new ways for parents to discover and book kids activities from any connected device. No more paper forms, bank transfers or phone calls to check for availability.

One of the coolest new features is our holiday camp planner: parents can pick and choose from different holiday camp providers to build a tailored week full of fun workshops. You pay for the week in one go and there is only one registration form to fill out.” Parents can book all types of activities on KIDSORTED, including termly classes, workshops, events, and drop-ins. Holiday camps remain a priority as state schools have 13 weeks of holiday every year and independent schools have even more. Parents, on the other hand, have on average five weeks holiday, which leaves a significant period during which parents need to find alternative childcare solutions. The holidays can be the perfect time to learn a new skill. During term time, childrens’ schedules are busy and there’s little time left to explore something new. Holidays are an amazing opportunity for kids to be exposed to new experiences, but finding the right activity at the right time and in the right place can be challenging. That’s where KIDSORTED comes into the picture.

When asked about why they founded KIDSORTED, Julia Brucher said, “Our mission is to make it easy to discover, plan and book kids activities. We get great joy from making the discovery of fun activities for the entire family easy. We love to declutter and simplify, so parents can focus on the important things in life.” This year, there are already some early trends visible in the booking statistics: skateboarding camps have been very popular in west London, and science and coding camps are a hot seller everywhere. Keeping fit is also a big focus for the summer, so sports and outdoor camps are always popular.

Summer camps are not only for school children. Many of the normal termly classes for under-5s don’t run over the summer. Requests from parents for one-off workshops or activities for ages 0–4 are trending high on KIDSORTED. Language courses (French and Mandarin top the list), performing arts workshops (great for building confidence for school entrance tests) and music and dance are some of the other most booked activities. When asked about the most surprising statistics, Julia Brucher said, “It is always interesting to see how many bookings come in at 2am or 5am from a mobile or tablet — clearly parents are thinking about booking something great for the kids at all hours of the day and we are proud that KIDSORTED is very easy to use, no matter from which device”.