Become a KIDSORTED Local Community Manager

KIDSORTED is building a network of Local Community Managers to curate the best activities and services for parents locally. As part of this role Community Managers join the KIDSORTED Digital Marketing & Sales Academy, where they gain in-demand sales, e-commerce and digital marketing knowledge. We want to provide the opportunity to build a flexible portfolio career that fits around your family life – no prior digital experience necessary. Whether you’re currently at home and looking to reboot your career or need a digital skills upgrade, you will build valuable know how that will create opportunities for you way beyond the Community Manager role. We want to grow together with our Community Manager Network and empower entrepreneurship among parents across London and beyond.


As a Local Community Manager you are the curator for great kids activities and family related services in your areas. You will have “your list” of great providers that you want to add to KIDSORTED and we would love to know who you recommend.  KIDSORTED is a listing platform, so a big aspect of your role will be to introduce KIDSORTED to local providers, tell them what we are all about and incentivise them to list with us. KIDSORTED also provides a booking software, so if you know of any businesses that still don’t take online bookings, then these are great leads to introduce our software.

A key benefit of the role is training: you will get access to a variety of digital marketing and sales training, which will be a great skill set to acquire and a very valuable add on for your CV.

As a local community manager you will:

  • Research best local activities and services
  • Secure paid listings for your local area:
    • Pitch the KIDSORTED proposition to local high quality providers via e-mail, phone and in person
    • Secure deals with local businesses for the KIDSORTED community (e.g. 10% off for KIDSORTED parents at your local coffee shop)
  • Marketing:
    • Distribute local flyers

Depending on how much time you can dedicate, you may also:

  • Social media: manage your local KIDSORTED Facebook Group
  • Reach out to local media/bloggers
  • Organise local events
  • Write blog posts and conduct interviews with local activities providers and businesses
  • Help businesses create their listing on KIDSORTED where needed (you will receive training on how the platform works)



  • Sales Training
  • Content Management Training
  • Social Media Training
  • SEO: How to optimise for Google Organic search when setting up new pages and writing blog posts
  • Marketing Promotions & Retail Calendar Planning
  • Event Planning
  • Newsletter Marketing


    • We are all here to support & encourage each other
    • Weekly call to share learnings & insights and to access training content
    • Join the Community Manager Facebook Group


  • The business model of KIDSORTED is based on a monthly listing fee for activity & service providers
  • You are pitching the KIDSORTED site to local businesses and will benefit from a revenue share of the membership fees you secure

If you have 10+ hours/week, like to be involved in your local community and want to upgrade your sales and digital skill sets, being a Local Community Manager might be the perfect role for you! Click below to apply. Don’t have 10+ hours/week but still want to be involved? We also work with Brand Ambassadors: this will still allow you to be involved based on a flexible volunteer basis and to access digital training but without the time commitment. Just state the hours you can commit in the form below and we will provide you with information accordingly:



KIDSORTED is a marketplace that helps parents discover kids activities like after school clubs, holiday camps and baby & toddler classes as well as family related services. We help time poor parents by providing them with a go to resource with a highly refinable search function. KIDSORTED helps parents find the best activity for their children in an efficient way so they so you have more time to play.

Parents can search by age, postcode and interest or by a week day and time so you can find something for a specific time slot. Some activities are bookable on our platform, or you can connect directly to the activity provider.

The Story of KIDSORTED

We launched in 2014 and quickly learnt that the value in our service comes from offering a comprehensive go to guide for a neighbourhood. We started in West and South West London but we are expanding fast.

Our next step is to increase neighbourhood coverage and the inclusion of kids birthday party related services. Parents told us how challenging it can be to organise everything required for parties, so we’re continuing to add value to parents lives, by connecting them to quality birthday services such as entertainers, venues, cake makers and more.

We work with Local Community Managers, local parents that help us to identify the best activities and services in their local area and to bring them to the site. Providing an opportunity for parents to have access to a flexible part time role that helps them build skills, network and earn a bit of extra cash is very rewarding.

In addition, a lot of our activity providers themselves are parents; so helping other entrepreneurs grow their business with our support is a big motivation for us. We provide marketing support and they can use our booking software to run their business on, which frees up their time to do what they love: teach kids and run their activities.