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With over 6 years of experience in constantly developing the best possible children’s entertainment, Andrew Bloomer and his highly skilled team of Rascal entertainers are always at hand to make sure your Little Rascal has the best birthday party imaginable. The whole team trained professionally as actors and many have experience in the education sector. The Result? A winning combination of boundless fun, imagination and thoughtful organisation that is impossible to beat.

How Little Rascals got started

Andrew is a trained actor and has worked in events/venues for over 6 years. He loves working with children and with his co-founder being a primary teacher, kids parties & entertainment was a natural choice. The team gradually expanded over time but till date prides itself that all kids entertainers are trained actors. The average party size Little Rascals is in charge of is 20 – 30 kids, either at home or at a rented venue. Andrew himself worked for various kids’ entertainment companies as well as kids theatre before founding Little Rascals. He took all the best pieces from what he learned to shape the program for Little Rascals. Overall he wanted to form a company that was more flexible in what they offered with the biggest goal to get everybody included in the activities.


Unique about Little Rascals

  • Great value for money: You pay by hour/number of entertainers, otherwise everything else is included: No extra charges extras!
  • All entertainers are trained actors
  • No cookie-cutter schedule: All parties are fully customized to birthday boy/girl preferences (theme/music/games) and age group. The team is using traditional activities and molding them to work best for your party
  • Parties are already quite full on, no need to organize an additional bouncy castle, pop corn machine or more. Let the team take over and enjoy the ride!

Great service for you if …..

  • You live within the M25
  • Your child is between 1 year – 10 years (4 – 6 years is core age range)
  • Party size is between under 35 kids
  • Good to know: Most slots fill up 4 – 6 weeks prior to the date; if you fancy a weekend slot you ideally contact Little Rascals 8 weeks ahead of time

What to expect from a party

  • In a prep call, you will be able to share your vision for the party, your child’s favorite games, themes and songs so the party can be fully customized to make the birthday boy or girl happy
  • Less than 10 kids, 1 entertainer will join on the day, for bigger parties, entertainers will always come in teams of 2
  • Standard party time is 2 hours, some going up to 2 1/2, for younger children (under 2) Little Rascals recommends to limit group size to 10 and limit party to 1 hour to not tire the little ones too much
  • Expect solid entertainment! Andrew and team will come in and ensure they the children will spend an unforgettable day. All entertainers being trained actors does come in quite handy! Music, prizes and all materials for the games are taken care of.
  • The entertainers always come in pairs (female/male) as this mix has proven to resonate best with children
  • The entertainers will come 20 – 30 minutes prior to ensure a smooth set up (music, balloons, …)
  • Great activities for any age group: The under 2s will enjoy a mix of story telling, bubbles, balloons, singing and nursery rhymes. Other games like musical statues, musical bumps, pass the parcel, parachute games and more are introduced by age group. And of course every party needs a bit of balloon modeling and a treasure hunt! What’s not to love?

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Available packages

  • 1 hour Pocket Party (<10 children) with 1 entertainer: £140 Book >
  • 1 ½ hours Pocket Party (<10 children) with 1 entertainer: £170 Book >
  • 2 hours Pocket Party (<10 children) with 1 entertainer: £200 Book >
  • 1 hour Party (10+ children) with 1 entertainer: £160 Book >
  • 1 ½ hours Party (10+ children) with 1 entertainer: £200 Book >
  • 2 hours Party (10+ children) with 1 entertainer: £240 Book >
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Other things to think about

  • Venue (see Andrew’s top tips on venue selection here > link to party category page): You will need a clear space of 4m x 4m for 15 – 20 children, ideal would be a space of 7m x 7m, allowing games using a parachute and bigger props
  • Invitations
  • Food & drinks
  • Decorations
  • Cake
  • Guest gift bags (nice to have but don’t work yourself up about it)
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Popular themes

  • Pirates & princesses: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>
  • Super heroes & fairies: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>
  • Star Wars: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>
  • Disney: Cinderella & co: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>
  • Jungle Explorer: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>

Watch Andrew’s Top Tips to create an unforgettable party

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