The KIDsorted team shares the highlights of its journey on the way to creating and scaling an exciting startup in London.

KIDsorted investment

KIDsorted raises bridge round of financing

At the back of exciting Q2 results, KIDsorted raised a bridge round…. (read more)

1000 Jira Ticket KIDsorted
KIDsorted home page - beta

Homepage: Before and After

In our efforts to be lean and focus on developing only high priority use cases, we hadn’t spent much resources on our home page till recently… (read more)

KIDsorted 1000th commit

1000th Commit

Our product is growing up!  Calina, one of our developers, made the 1000th commit…

KIDsorted devices

Data Geeks

Even our developers think we’re too geeky when the most fun activity of last evening was watching Real Time activity on Google Analytics…