Kids Parties – make it a day to remember no matter which budget you are on

Powered by “Kids Party Guru” Andrew from Little Rascals Parties


When Andrew from Little Rascals talks about kids’ parties it becomes very quickly clear that he adores his job: “ I love being constantly surprised.” Andrew is a trained actor and has worked in events/venues for over 7 years specializing in kids’ parties for the last 2 years. Together with his co-founder Kate, who is a primary school teacher they form a winning team and are now working with a group of actors/entertainers to cope with their ever-growing business covering the London area.

Popular themes for inspiration

  • Pirates & princesses: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>
  • Super heroes & fairies: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>
  • Star Wars: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>
  • Disney: Cinderella & co; Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>
  • Jungle Explorer: Shop decorations and props that go with this theme>

Top Tips ….

  • Key is to get everybody included in the activities, make games fun and not too competitive.
  • Bigger is not always better (no child will enjoy a party where they don’t know half of the invited kids). Equally decide if you want to go for entertainers, bouncy castle, or other main attraction – don’t add all together as individual aspects get lost.
  • Timing – thing mornings! 2pm – 4pm or 3pm – 5pm seem to be the most popular slots, especially on weekends. 10:30am – 12:30pm however are often more suitable for the children as their attention span is better and they are not as tired yet compared to the afternoon.

… for selecting the right venue

  • You will need a clear space of 4m x 4m for 15 – 20 children, ideal would be a space of 7m x 7m, allowing games using a parachute and bigger props
  • You are looking for venue with space but not too much space: As for any party, if the hall is too big, it is harder to get the party properly started and acoustic might suffer
  • Ideal are L-shaped rooms, or rooms with separating doors, allowing a separate set up for adults/food and for kids/games: Parents can watch and peak in when they like but can also enjoy a drink on the side
  • If you decide to hire: restaurants, church/community halls and membership clubs are popular options. If you want to be cost savvy and plan to bring some home baked food, consider liking for a venue, which does allow you to use external catering
  • Calculate with £25 – £50/hour for the venue. If you plan a party of 2 hours, don’t forget to factor in set up and clean up, so do add 30 minutes either end

… for keeping the cost down

  • Plan ahead of time: If you can buy decorations and props early you can order online or buy them on eBay, which is much cheaper than going to an often expensive highstreet specialty store. Check out our top picks for props and decorations by theme here >
  • Think about pairing up with a friend whose birthday is in the same month
  • Involve the birthday boy/girl into the preparation: Homemade decorations and cake are a great cost saver and will be a great activity leading up to the big day
  • Don’t spend lots of money on food, especially for the kids (really, they won’t care, so don’t work yourself up about it)
  • 90% of parties are booked on weekends: If you want to save money on a venue or services, think about a weekday when you often get better deals
Party Candles on a Slice of Birthday Cake

Ingredients of a great party

  • Check out cake providers here
  • Shop decorations by theme
  • Check out top West London venues
  • Invitations
  • Give away bags/gifts
  • Food & Drinks: Inspiration for some easy and low cost home made options