little boy plays piano

All children love music & singing. The Telegraph published an interesting article featuring a study that confirmed that babies learn their first lullabies in the womb and can remember them up to four months after birth. It can never be too early to introduce music to a bed-time routine!

For toddlers music is very helpful when developing language skills for example by repeating rhymes. Research by the Youth Music Organisation has proven that music can support various development goals including communication, maths, listening, concentration and social skills and makes children overall more confident.

The benefits of music were also highlighted in a study entitled “The Mozart Effect” by Don Campbell: “The most important benefit is the proven positive effects music has on brain development….and is most crucial during the first 6 years, when the most important brain development takes place.” Music classes are very popular with parents and children alike. Singing, clapping and using small instruments like drums, castanets and maraccas is great fun and also help motor skills and physical coordination. So whether you turn up the music at home, sing lullabies or join a class – just have fun with it and you can be sure your child will love it!

Music classes in Chiswick


The Little London Music School

Rachael and her team of classical musicians from prestigious conservatoires work in small groups of no more than 12 children (6 months – 5 years). Classes are a real treat for parents and children alike. Check out locations & book online now.


Chiswick Saturday Music Centre

The Saturday Music Centre offers classes for both children and adults and runs on Saturdays from 9.10am – 12.45pm during the school term. Location: Chiswick School, Burlington Lane, W4 (entrance gate Staveley Road)


Song Academy

The Song Academy offers sessions for sessions for 7-11 and 12-16 year olds to discover the art of songwriting and perform in a gig at the end of term. Location: Arts Ed School, Cone Ripman House 14 Bath Road, Chiswick, London, W4 1LY

Products for babies


Pabobo Musical Star Projector

This magic star will fill your nursery with stars and plays soothing music at the same time. The colors switch from blue to green to orange and it switches itself of after 45 minutes.

Buy it here.


Sheep Sound Machine Soother

The sheep sound soft toy is portable and can be attached to a stroller or car seat. It has four soothing sound options: Gentle stream, ocean waves, spring showers or whale songs.

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Lullaby Music CD

This CD contains 20 lullabies to promote restful sleep. Total playing time is 44 minutes and it comes with a lyrics book. Enjoy some all time classics like “Rock a bye baby” and many more.

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Products for toddlers


Triangle Music Set

There are different musical features on each side, which include a guiro scraper, a mini drum, a castanet, xylophone, clicker and a “scratchy” rotating wheel.

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High Sea Symphony

Toddlers enjoy pressing the light keys of this cure mini piano to create their first melodies.

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Music Set | 14 pieces

A set of 14 musical instruments, most made out of natural wood. Includes maracas, which are a favourite for most children. Suitable for 3+ years.

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