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Learning a second language is good for the brain

“Children learn a second language effortlessly” as stated by Michael, one of our French teachers.

Learning a second language as a child has many benefits including increase cognitive abilities as discovered in a study at Cornell. The article provides tips to encourage a second language such as exposing a child to multilingual settings, providing fun and interactive learning environments and promoting storytelling in multiple languages.

Ellen Bialystok, a neuroscientist also discusses the positive effects of learning a second language on the brain in this video.

Language classes in Chiswick


Spanish through music

These classes starting soon teach kids Spanish through the joy of music

Three Year Old Asian

Culture Curry

Culture curry aims to bring children closer to Indian culture from yoga to Hindi vocabulary

Learn French Classroom Board

Chiswick French Club

Kids learn french through singing, storytelling and acting

We recommend

Belgo French

A unique approach to teaching children french which combines 2 of kids’ favourite activities – learning and stories. Belgo French uses disney stories to walk children through a plot — all in French so children as learning effortlessly.

Products to encourage a second language