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Little Ballerina

Kids are born to dance

Dancing is a great activity for children to burn off energy while having fun. Various options for classes including ballet (a huge favourite), tap, jazz, street dance and modern dance.

Some parents trade-off dance classes against gym or sports classes. Take your child to try out the class to see which one your child enjoys most. If your child is inclined towards music you might be able to tick off two boxes with dance class — sports and music.

Baby icon - xsmallAccording to a study, babies are born to dance. Babies seem to respond to rhythmic movement naturally. Read more

Toddler icon - xsmall For the younger children, it’s mostly running around in cute outfits but they very quickly progress to more structured classes.

Preschool - xsmall As with any activity, preschoolers seem to enjoy the classes more if accompanied by their friends so try to book classes with kids from their playgroup or nursery.

Dance classes in Chiswick

Happy ballet dancer during class

Chiswick Theatre Arts

Chiswick theatre arts is centrally located and provides different dance classes for all ages

Little Ballerina

Frances Lundy School of Dance

Frances Lundy School of Dance



Stagecoach offers dance, drama and acting classes from 4 years onwards

Ballet products for all ages



Bloch dance wear



Angelina ballerina doll



Tap shoes