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The Little London Music School

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Moone Ballet

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Culture Curry

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Sports Linx Football Academy

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West London Ballet

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Classes in Chiswick

Help us to curate the best activities for children in West London!

Do you know about more amazing classes, activities or summer camps in Chiswick, Ravenscourt Park or adjacent neighbourhoods? We would love to know about them! Please contact us as contact@kidsorted.com or at 0808 189 3268

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Explore classes in Chiswick by age


It’s never been easier to stay fit during pregnancy with all the prenatal exercise classes on offer.

Pregnant women in yoga class sitting on mats stretching arms in a fitness studio

Prenatal exercise

Exercising during pregnancy can help keep muscles toned. Many options such as prenatal pilates by Ten Pilates
or prenatal exercise by Maternally Fit

Pregnant belly

Antenatal classes

Antenatal classes are useful for basic information around delivery and care for baby. Most useful for forming a group to socialise with after birth. Chiswick antenatal classes and BabyNatal in Chiswick are some options along with NCT.

Mother Giving Child Flower In The Park


Three primary types of childcare work for different parents. You can find a nanny through an agency, childminder, or nursery.


Babies and parents alike enjoy classes such as baby yoga, sing & sign, baby music.


Baby yoga & massage

Baby yoga & massage is a great way to stimulate your baby’s physical development. Classes are offered in Chiswick by West London Babies.

little boy plays piano

Baby music

Music and signing classes provide great early exposure to music for your child. Classes in Chiswick include Hartbeeps and Cadenza.

Adorable baby in swimming pool

Baby swimming

Chiswick has many pools and classes. Sevenue is well regarded by parents. Other classes are water babies


There are lots of fun ways to keep those little ones busy and engaged. Children at this age are like a sponge and love exploring.

Happy ballet dancer during class


Chiswick offers a variety of dance classes such as Chiswick Theatre Arts and Everything About Music.

Child with rugby ball


Various sports are available such as swimming, football and karate.



w4ArtClub and Makers & Shakers do art classes in Chiswick.



A variety of great classes are available to immerse your child into another language of choice. Chiswick French Club offers French classes that are taught through French Nursery rhymes for younger classes up to reading/writing in French for older ones. Culture Curry has recently language a hugely interesting curriculum that merges variety of activities including hindi language, yoga, art and culture.