Introducing your child to the joy of music from an early age on

Rachael from The Little London Music School tells us more about how you can best introduce your child to music from an early age on.

The deep benefits of music were highlighted in a study entitled “The Mozart Effect” by Don Campbell. He concluded that:

“The most important benefit is the proven positive effects music has on brain development….and is most crucial during the first 6 years, when the most important brain development takes place.”

If you want to read more you can purchase the book here:

The Little London Music School has developed a program to address key skills relevant to each specific age group.


6 – 18 months

By 6 months, babies are already responding to music, swaying and turning towards sound and vocalising vowel sounds. Do encourage further musical development through exposing babies to melodies and rhythms of varying musical styles.

– Active listening, rattling maracas along with the music

– Musical pulse, drumming on objects with the help of an adult

– Basic rhythm, beating a simple 4/4 time

– Movement to the music

– Development of language through the imitation of vowel and plosive sounds

– Introducing ‘loud’ and ‘soft’, ‘high’ and ‘low’, ‘slow and ‘fast’ sounds