FAQ | Parents

First of all: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 07824705255. We love to talk to fellow parents and business partners to hear your ideas and feedback, so don’t hesitate to give us a quick call. Please bear with us if you call after 6pm as we are all parents ourselves, so likely will be busy with bath time. Just leave a quick voicemail and we get back to you the next morning.


I love the concept of KIDsorted and would like to make some suggestions about great classes /clubs in my neighbourhood. How can I contribute?

We are always on the lookout for great activities, classes and services. We are parents ourselves and love recommendations that come from fellow mums or dads as we know they are great and can be trusted. So send all the good stuff our way! Simply send an e-mail to contact@kidsorted.com or call us at 07824705255. We look forward to speaking to you!

Does it cost anything to use KIDsorted? 


Is the information up to date and correct?

Yes, partners needs to update their class dates, times and other details otherwise they don’t show up in your search.

Is my data safe with you?

We are parents ourselves and big on privacy and data protection. We will never share any of your profile data without your consent.

FAQ | Businesses (or Partners as we like to call them)

I want to use your online Booking Engine! How will I be notified about new bookings? How will I be paid?

Great choice! You are well on track to both reduce admin time as well as boost your bookings. Every time a parent makes a booking on your profile, you will receive an email alerting you of the new booking and providing you with both contact details as well as information about the booking itself (term, which class/service, weekday, price). We pay our partners twice a month, which means we will aggregate all bookings for you and wire you the sum minus any fees (10%+VAT for marketplace bookings; £0.50 – £0.99 transaction fee for use of booking software if you integrate our system on your own site).

Am I locked into a contract/subscription?

No, there is no minimum contract time. We believe in delivering results. If you are not happy you can remove your listing any time from the site.

Am I able to change information once I have uploaded it?

Yes  – you can log into your partner account and edit / add information any time you like. This will be especially important when you know the new schedule for the next term. Make sure you keep your profile up to date, so parents can always browse your up to date schedule. If you forgot your log in details, you can always request a password re-set by clicking on the link here.

Can I register multiple classes? Multiple venues?

Of course, you can list as many classes as you like. If you teach in multiple venues make sure you list them all. 57% of parents search by postcode or schedule, so it is important that your venues are listed correctly using the location address including the postcode. This ensures that your listing comes up when parents search for activities in your area.

Can KIDsorted provide statistics of visitors/Interest on my page?

We have access to a variety of page statistics, which we know are definitely of interest to you too. This is why the team is working on improving our reporting capabilities, so you can have direct access to the data related to your profile. Check your Dashboard for latest statistics!

When will you be looking to expand in other areas of London?

We started KIDsorted in Chiswick and ever since have grown both our parent community as well as our partner network across London. We currently have more than 13000 parents in our network and encourage businesses that are within the M25 to list their activities. You can of course also list if you business is further away from London, but we want to ensure that you receive effective marketing support. Knowing that our reach is currently focusing on London, we hence cannot promise that your listing on KIDsorted will have an impact on bookings if you are outside of our prime target area. We are continuing to grow and will update the site as soon as we launch activities in new regions, in the meantime do send us your suggestions for where KIDsorted could be of benefit to partners and parents.

How often do you send newsletters?

We are parents ourselves and receive dozens of newsletters per day. We don’t want to spam our parent network but rather provide them with relevant, local information. On average we send a newsletter twice per month, weekly during peak times like the beginning of term. If you are interested to promote your business you can contact us at contact@kidsorted.com or find out more about marketing opportunities here.

How can I still be part of KIDsorted if I can’t take online bookings, e.g. because I am restricted by a franchise contract?

Taking online bookings via KIDsorted is by far the most impactful way of partnering with us. We are tracking conversion, and profiles that don’t offer online bookings by far don’t convert as well as online bookable activities. However, if for some reason you cannot take online bookings, then we do offer a fall back option of joining KIDsorted via a subscription model. You pay a flat listing fee to be featured on the site. Please reach out to contact@kidsorted.com to discuss this option.