KIDsorted Easter Holiday Pass
Book our Easter Holiday Pass to access a great variety of activities at prices that are up to 15% off individual bookings! Each week of activities has been crafted by mums in the know to ensure that your child has a fabulous time this Easter doing Science, Art, Sports and more….

Book and pay online in one go and your week is sorted!  We will send you an email with all the details once you’ve booked.

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Science workshop

Chiswick | 5 yrs + | Short Days

A variety of shorter options in Chiswick – great for keeping younger kids entertained!

Week 1: Fit for Sport (2 days), Chiswick Theatre Arts, Art at Kite
Price: £91

Week 2: Art at Kite, K4S Academies, Chiswick Theatre Arts, Fit for Sport, Art at Kite – 
Price: £111

mother Nature

Chiswick | 5 yrs + | Full Days

Full day camps for ages 5+ that are perfect for working parents.

Week 1: Fit for Sport (4 days)
Price: £103

Week 2: K4S Academies (2 days), Fit for Sport (2 days), The Music House
Price: £147



Kids with chef hats preparing the cake dough - mixing ingredients

Chiswick | 6-8 yrs | Short Days

Get your 6 – 8 yr old involved in a different activity every day. From Science to Art, we’ve got some great workshops.

Week 1: Fit for Sport, Tutti a Tavola, Chiswick Theatre Arts, Art at Kite
Price: £92

Week 2: Arch197, K4S Academies, Art at Kite, Fit for Sport, Art at Kite
Price: £109


Chiswick | 6-8 yrs | Full Days

Need to find childcare for your older kids? Enrol them in our longer day option, with a mix of science, sport and more.

Week 1: Fit for Sport (4 days)
Price: £103

Week 2: Fun with Fimo Clay, K4S Academies, Fit for Sport (2 days), Music House
Price: £170


Chiswick | 8 yrs + | Workshops

Your Key Stage 2 children will love this mix of Sport, Song Writing and Art!

Week 2: Fit for Sport, Fun with Fimo Clay, Song Academy – Lyric Writing (2 days)Art at Kite
Price: £197



Notting Hill | 5 yrs +

These workshops are perfect for keeping younger kids entertained over the Easter holidays.

Week 1: Maggie & Rose, Little House of Science, Chelsea Quavers, Creative Art Club
Price: £253

Week 2: Maggie & Rose, Little House of Science, Creative Art Club, The Music House, Kaleidoscope
Price: £233


Notting Hill | 6-8 yrs

A great mix of options for your kids – from science and football to skateboarding!

Week 1: Chelsea Quavers, Little House of Science, Sporting Duet – Football, Little Boarders
Price: £206

Week 2: Chelsea Young Writers, Sharky & George, Little Boarders, Sporting Duet – Football, Kaleidoscope
Price: £261

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a different schedule or to register interest in classes in another neighbourhood. Email or call 07595875307.

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