Diane Tunstall – Child Development & Sleep Guru

Diane is a Child Development Expert, Advanced Neonatal Nurse & Paediatric Sleep Consultant.

Diane is one of these contacts from your little black book that you almost don’t want to share, as she is so good that she is frequently booked up. Babies don’t sleep through the night? Pregnant with second one and need maternity nurse support in first couple of weeks? Toddler tantrums are killing you? Diane is your woman.

Diane started working as a General Nurse 28 years ago and soon specialized on newborns, gaining a degree as an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.  Since then she has broadened her spectrum to include babies, toddlers and school-going children and matters related to their health and happiness.

Diane holds numerous qualifications and has extensive experience including:

❖      16 years of experience as Maternity Nurse
❖      Pediatric Sleep Practitioner Training
❖      Neonatal Nurse
❖      Lecturer in Child Health
❖      EDEXCEL Diploma in Childcare and Education
❖      Continuous Development via The British Medical Journal


Diane’s mission is to give advice to parents, so they feel comfortable with a day-to-day routine and know how to address areas of concern, and is focused on promoting a healthy and happy environment.  Her mantra is KISS, which simply means Keep It Sweet & Simple. This involves in-person skill development, verbal coaching and includes take-home “learning packages” that are retained by her clients. Diane could come in for a few days, observe your child and provide you with hands-on tips or, for very specific questions, could provide advice via a Skype call.

In her Free Time …

Diane is passionate about horses and has competed at top level in showing classes. She spends quite a bit of time in France, enjoying the local wines and experimenting with local produce in the kitchen.

❖    She has extensive expertise about a wide range of topics, and with her solid medical background, you know you can 100% trust her.

❖    She caters to your needs: If you need her for 3 weeks, 3 days of simply a 30-minute conversation–flexibility is her trademark.

❖    She offers 24-hour care with little extras: When Diane joins your family she will do so 24/7 including making you some of her famous healthy soups and sending you off to a date night while she covers the night shift. What is not to love?

Diane’s Top Tips about Travelling with Children and Jet Lag

Top Tips for Travelling with children, adapting to Jet Lag and  adapting baby’s routine when we change to summer time

Q&A with Diane Tunstall, Child Development Expert,Advanced  Neonatal Nurse & Paediatric Sleep Consultant

My mantra is KISS: Keep It Sweet & Simple! Cover your baby with kisses!

KIDsorted: On Sunday the clocks are changing to summertime, so we are losing an hour. Many parents of babies and toddlers are following a routine. How would you best advise to handle the time change?

Diane:A one-hour time difference can be easily absorbed into the day for an older child, get outside in the bright daylight and do something energetic. For younger children try to plan your day by trying to prolong each of your baby or toddlers nap onsets by 15-20 minutes through the day. It is very difficult for a child to sleep when they are not tired. For young babies limit the amount of milk you give at one feed so that you can bring the following feed forward as your baby will be hungry.

KIDsorted: Easter time also means travel time. For parents that are travelling abroad into another time zone, what would be your advise to best deal with jet lag?

Diane: Babies under 6 months find it easier to adjust as they follow their bodies lead with regard to sleep.  Adjust their milk amounts to bring feeds forward, follow bedtime rituals and set your alarm clock as you may need to insert a feed in …. READ MORE

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